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book release 2020-09-01

QUIANÈ II a construction diary in 38 days

In spring 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic began, we – students of the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the Universidad La Salle in Oaxaca – completed the second and final construction phase of the Quiané DesignBuild Mexico project in the small municipality of Santa Catarina Quiané. This is the documentation of the project laid out like a diary in 38 days. However, the contents are not necessarily intended to represent a chronological development, as many things happen simultaneously or in parallel during the process of planning and construction. Furthermore, our focus is not just the completed building, but also the experiences, impressions, and insights we students gathered over the course of six months, from the planning phase in Munich to the construction phase in Mexico. Our story is about success as well as challenges of an international team of students and lecturers, who by working and living, albeit for a short period, with the people of Santa Catarina Quiané, not only developed an expertise, but also learned a lot about themselves and their own limits.

Language german english, partly spanish

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