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Fircom Amphitheatre

The Fircom Amphitheatre (nicknamed ‘the sanctuary’) is a design-build project born out of the camp’s desire to bring life back to an overgrown forest clearing that was the historical site of Camp Fircom’s chapel - a place for celebration and reflection.

Taking advantage of the existing slope, the Amphitheatre is a series of rolling wooden platforms that provide both formal and playful seating toward a stage that is set at the bottom of the site. Each platform is unique in its sectional dimensions according to its place in the topography. The relationship between platforms creates zones for smaller group activities or quiet moments while altogether being able to accommodate up to 110 people for a performance or ceremony.

The platforms were designed with custom 2”x2” slats, spaced at 1/2”, cut to size from LSL (laminated strand lumber) that was donated by StructureCraft. The support structure consists of 2”x8” pressure treated beams bolted to 4”x4” posts. Beams and posts were set in a maximum of 18” from the edges (tested dimension for stable overhang) so that each platform appears as if it is floating. 

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Project Start:2017
Year of Completion:2017
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