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INFOZENTRALE auf dem Vollgut

The Infozentrale auf dem Vollgut was designed and built by a group of 36 students as a DesignBuild Project of the Natural Building Lab at the TU Berlin. In co-operation with the EU funded research project RE4, a circular building from waste materials was realised, which offers an answer to questions relating to resource-positive construction in an urban context and embodies a new method of architectural production for a post-consumer society.

The roof structure is formed from a pre-stressed grid of layered and interlocking re-used timber beams, while the wall elements utilise a system of upcycled cardboard boxes, filled with shredded paper insulation and pasted with excess advertising posters.

The Infozentrale is located in Berlin Neukölln, in one of the economically weakest parts of the German capital. It is being used by all of the diverse actors active on the VOLLGUT site, showcasing up to date information about the currently active processes and designs being developed for the site. The project should provide a place for actors from different groups to encounter with each other and the neighbourhood. It was designed and realised in a collaborative process.

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Im März wurde die Fassade saniert.



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Project Start:2017
Year of Completion:2018
Life span:2 year(s)
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