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The former Kindl Brewery Site now known as Rollberg area is located in central Neukölln in the so called Rollberg Kiez, an area with diversity of languages, cultural backgrounds and groups of interest. A variety of actors and initiatives are currently active in this environment and there are a lot of developments currently in the making and future projects still to come. This current situation is a potential we recognized as exceptional and we would like to participate in this unusual context of development.

“We”, a group of students, are studying at the “Natural Building Lab”, a chair for architecture at Technical University Berlin, and are currently developing a pioneer project that may lead to a new venue for locals and the public orientated actors on and around the Rollberg area.

The result aims to be a “room with low-thresholds for everyone around” organized and used by participants for gatherings, events and workshops. With participation of the neighbourhood and the local community, we would like to offer a neutral space in between the existing structures and offer a place where people can get involved with each other and meet and interact. Furthermore, we hope to offer a first place of representation for the actors around and therefore contribute to the stability of the social network evolving and hereby lead to a bigger variety of qualities of the Kiez.

We are 36 students currently participating on the Building Cycles seminar and currently working on circular building, sustainability and recycling in the context of our general building industry. The aim is to create a flexible, usable temporary construction that will be realised from February 2018 on at the site, built entirely from resources that were already declared as waste by the building industry. We hope to find a lot of local support while we will be constructing, as the place is meant to be a contribution for the local area.

With our project, we aim to link on the process already initiated by the actors around the site and we hope to contribution to the processes going on.

As the design process has just finished the next step will be the realitsation...

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