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The grandstand project was a collaborative international experience involving students from two different universities in Chile, Argentina, México and Brazil.

The commission for this project was a grandstand structure for a public school in a suburban area of Rancagua,a city located at the central valleys of Chile, about 100km south from the capital city of Santiago. The brief was determined considering fulfilling the client's needs and fabrication feasibility according to course resources. The site constraints were its narrow dimensions and the need to allow for parking spaces on the rear side. The greatest challenge of the project was to deliver prefabrication and assembly on time, due to the workshop format of the course, participating either students and guest professors to this experience. A one-week period was the time allowance to achieve workshop goals. Resources for this experience came from industry donations, funds from competition funds from the University as well as funds from the Faculty of Architecture.

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Technical Description

A tight schedule workshop was devised and implemented to plan and deliver the structure. It considered only 2-3 months for management, pre-design, and material supply. Finally, construction and on-site assembly were carried out in one week. The design phase was carried out previously by each university as a competition entry. A final scheme was selected and combined with other projects features. During the workshop week, international tutors overlooked the whole design and build process. The project was materialized in radiate pine, being completely prefabricated into large components, built on campus by students, and then assembled onsite in a one day period.



Colegio Ayelen
Other CollaborationEmpresas CMPC
FundingEmpresas VOLCAN
FundingVicerrectoria Académica Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Project ImplementationDecanato y Escuela de Arquitectura Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
LogisticsMagister en Arquitectura Sustentable y Energia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Other CollaborationComercial NUPROTEC
TeachingUniversidad San Sebastián, Escuela de Arquitectura, Santiago Chile
LogisticsUniversidad San Sebastián, Escuela de Arquitectura, Santiago Chile
TeachingUniversidad de Congreso, Mendoza, Argentina
TeachingUniversidad Iberoamericana, DF, México
Cristian Larrain B. (Teacher/Educator)Leonardo Codina (Teacher/Educator)Cristian Schmitt (Teacher/Educator)Hector Delmar (Teacher/Educator)Marcelo Aflalo (Expert)Kerry Clare (Expert)Lindsay Clare (Expert)
Funds, logistics, workshopPontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Project Start:2019
Year of Completion:2019
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