Natural Building Lab - constructive design and climate adaptive architecture

Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Architektur, Sek. A44
Academic Organisation
established 2017


NATURAL BUILDING LAB operates as part of a transdisciplinary network undertaking projects that produce knowledge and built prototypes for a post-fossil society. In the face of planetary boundaries, we are convinced that climate- and resource-adapted, circular building systems using renewable or reused building materials and healthy low-tech building with climate-active natural building materials will enable a future-oriented building culture. At the interface between academic and non-academic environments, our research, teaching and practice develops applied solutions for this. These pursue holistic and public welfare-oriented principles and are developed in transdisciplinary processes in architectural education and production from the dialogue with other disciplines, the crafts and society.


The NATURAL BUILDING LAB accompanies students on their learning journey in times of societal upheaval, enables them to work in dialog with inter- and transdisciplinery teams, introduces them to academic working techniques and welcomes them as part of a like-minded international network. NBL is in a metaphorical and literal sense a workshop, in which learners and teachers in teams undertake hands-on research, teaching and practice on the border between theory, practice and handwork on the most varying scales all the way up to 1:1.


The NATURAL BUILDING LAB is the Chair for Constructive Design & Climate Adaptive Architecture at the School of Architecture at Technische Universität Berlin.





Academic Levels
  • B.Sc., M.Sc.
  • Design Studios, Seminars, Summer Schools, Workshops

Registered Members
Nina Pawlicki Dipl.-Ing. for architecture
Teaching I Research I Practice
Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge Dipl.-Ing., Architect BDA
Head of Chair
Matthew Crabbe M.Sc., architecture
Teaching I Research I Practice
Bertien Götsche-Pons
Office management
Christine Hartl Student of architecture, MA
Student fellow
Jonathan Lewkowicz Student of architecture, MA
Student fellow
Stella Sommer Student of architecture, BA
Student fellow
Construction Methods/Techniques
Other Methods/Techniques
Circular construction techniques with a focus on natural building materials