Cocina Rural Telúrica | Telluric Rural Kitchen

Cocina Rural Telúrica (Telluric Rural Kitchen) is a community service project designed and constructed by Architecture students. The purpose is to create a traditional kitchen for the family of Eliseo and Luisa. This family suffered the earthquake of 2017 in the town of Tochimilco, and as a resilient family they want to improve their habitat conditions. The project includes eco-technology like solar-water-heating and soapy-water-separation.

One of the main purposes of the project was to re-introduce traditional construction systems with clay and to design with the family, a rural kitchen based on their needs.

The Telluric Kitchen is a pilot program in cooperation with the Chair of Land Management at TU München and funded by the Ministry of Education of Germany.

Project director: Dr. Eng. Melissa Schumacher

Design: Ileana Jimena Pérez Jimenez

Master Plan: Miguel Ángel Ordaz

Technichal Supervision: Antonio Zepeda, Arch. (MIRC Constructora)

Team building: Ilse Dominguez Vigoritto, Said López Santos, Bryan Soto, Erick Dominguez, Pamela Candelaria, Ricardo Márquez

Images and Plans

Technical Description

Adobe construction based on ancestral system


Building Walls

Finally, the team of Community Service from Architecture is helping Don Eliseo and his family to build uo the Adobe Walls for his kitchen.

It was a long learning journey, not only for students, also for Don Eliseo, a construction worker and farmer who didn´t know how to make adobes. With the help of Antoni Zepeda, architect specialized in Vernacular Architecture, we were able to teach Eliseo and students how to make adobes.


Last stage for finishing the construction

This January 2020 haas new wnergy and new team for finishing the kitchen. Don Eliseo made a pause during december and now that we have new students from community service, weare working on the last construction stage.

We receive as well a donation from a family from Toronto, Canada, for finishing the roof.


Ileana Jimena Pérez Jimenez, Ilse Domingguez Vigoritto, Said López Santos, Miguel Ángel Ordaz, Erick Arturo Donguez Careaga, Pamela Candelaria Coronel, Ricardo Alberto Márquez Ríos, Carlos Bryan Soto de la Concha
Collaborating Organisations
Lerhstuhl für Bodenordnung und Landentwicklung TUM
Antonio Zepeda
Pamela Durán Díaz
Mexikotages des BMBF
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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