Malaab el Kobri - Cairo

"Malaab el Kobri" is a student project at the GUC Architecture and Urban Design Department in cooperation with AYB - Alashanek ya Balady in the winter term 2014-15. It involves the design and implementation of a new football field typology that includes additional community services, i.e. as a gathering space for community meetings and festivities, an open class room, a playground, etc. It further serves as a showcase for decentralized, green infrastructure. As part of a longer-term strategy these programs may also be anticipated in the design, for example as add-ons. The project will be realized by the students in close collaboration with the inhabitants. 

Technical Description

To avoid the use of concrete and to ensure the temporal quality of the project, it is built as a light-weight timber construction. The building material itself is scaffolding wood.The platform is set back from the Nile by 35 m to adhere to the flood management line. 


Fatma Mohamed El Sayed, Ahmed Morsy, Yasmin Mardini, Hana Hossam, Peter Blodau, André Korfe, Ralf Lösch, Habiba Abdel Kader, Ingy Mohamed Salah, Lama Tarek, Omar Elnawawy, Theodora Ramzy, Mirna Girguis, Alaa Gamal, Dalia Gamal, Dorreya Elshal, Farah Mohamed, Marwan Magdy, Ahmed Hammad, Ramy El Magdoub, Norhan Ayman, Yomna Hossam, Jasmin Enan, Iman Charara, Loay Mohamed, Nader Mohamed, Marwa Sayed, Henar Hesham
Community of Dahab Island, GARBLT Ministry of Transportation, Egypt
Collaborating Organisations
Project Implementation
Paint products
Egyptian Drilling Company

Academic Discipline(s)
Architecture and Urban Planning
28 Students
Academic Level(s)
7th semester
Academic Facts

Site / Structure Dimension
600 sqm, on a rural island in the heart of Cairo beneath the ringroad bridge . The foundations of the bridge should not be touched. No sewage system allowed.
10000 €
0 €
In Kind
Other Budget
Project Start
Length of Preparation Phase
1 month
Length of Planning/ Design Phase
2 month
Other Discipline
green infrastructure (planned)
Project Context
Project Type
Community / Culture | Sports / Play / Recreation
Construction Methods/Techniques