Cornelia Redeker

New Cairo

Aims and expectations

As a teacher I consider design building a 'must' experience for all students. As a researcher in a developing country, designbuilding is a tool for me to communicate with local communities, for example by building pilot projects.

Short CV

Cornelia Redeker studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Politech Cologne, Germany and the Berlage-Institute in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She was assistant professor at the Chair for Urban Design and Regional Planning at TU Munich while developing her PhD research on the topic of Urban Flood Integration along the Rhine in an interdisciplinary research project at the TU Delft Water Research Centre in the Netherlands. With her office CO/R Cities on Rivers Research+Development she has worked as a consultant for urban development and upgrading projects in the flood plain of the Rhine and the Nile. Since 2012 she is associate professor for Architecture and Urban Design at the German University in Cairo where she is focussing on landscape-based strategic design strategies of accumulative, small-scale interventions based on participatory development that aim for realization. Topics are framed by the urgencies of water and land scarcity in Egypt. Together with Hazem Fouad, she co-founded the Nile Islands Initiative (Nil) in 2013. Nil is an interdisciplinary platform to map, protect and activate the spatial qualities of the Nile islands in the context of increasing urbanization. Dahab Island in Cairo is serving as a case study for action-based research.