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BC-AS is BC architects and studies. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and points to how BC grew - embedded within place and people. We do projects through 2 legal entities registered in Belgium: BC architects bvba (company) and BC studies vzw (non-profit).

BC architects bvba delivers full architectural services for your building project, ranging from small scale renovations to urban developments. Our architecture is sensitive to people, context and materials. We develop your project with our network of engineering professionals and other experts according to the highest European Standards.
Started in 2012, our team currently consists of 4 partners and 4 employees, working from Brussels and Addis Abeba on projects in Belgium, France, Ethiopia, Burundi, Nigeria and Morocco.

BC architects benefits from the knowledge created through BC studies, its lab for social, material and architectural innovation, where we have built up extensive research on local materials and innovative building processes.

BC architects is an award-winning office, and its partners are teaching at KULeuven University (BE), UHasselt University (BE), and have been teaching at EiABC Addis Ababa University (ET), ETH Zurich (CH), TU Stuttgart (DE), TU München (DE) . Work has been exhibited in New York, Milan, Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Shanghai and has been published in The Architectural Review, Dezeen, Archdaily, and many others.


Preschool of Aknaibich


by: KULeuven University Belgium
Project Status: Completed / Usage Phase
Year of Completion: 2016
Scale of project: M - Medium
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Belgium, France, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burundi, Morocco