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We are proud to announce that the dbXchange association received a grant from the STO Foundation to develop INSIGHTdb, a series of events, lectures and publications that will be featured on the dbXchange website.

book release 2020-09-01

QUIANÈ II a construction diary in 38 days

In spring 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic began, we – students of the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the Universidad La Salle in Oaxaca – completed the second and final construction phase of the Quiané DesignBuild Mexico project in the small municipality of Santa Catarina Quiané. This is the documentation of the project laid out like a diary in 38 days. However, the contents are not necessarily intended to represent a chronological development, as many things happen simultaneously or in parallel during the process of planning and construction. Furthermore, our focus is not just the completed building, but also the experiences, impressions, and insights we students gathered over the course of six months, from the planning phase in Munich to the construction phase in Mexico. Our story is about success as well as challenges of an international team of students and lecturers, who by working and living, albeit for a short period, with the people of Santa Catarina Quiané, not only developed an expertise, but also learned a lot about themselves and their own limits.

Language german english, partly spanish

available under: info@designbuildmexico.de

or: Hochschule München; FK 01; Sekretariat;  Karlstraße 6, 80333 München; *49 (0) 89 1265-26 25

see also: www.designbuildmexico.de

EXPERIENCE IN ACTION! DesignBuild in Architecture: Open until September 13th

OPENING THE last two weeks!!! – SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 in MUNICH

TUM's Architecture Museum is opening its largest and most comprehensive exhibition on “DesignBuild” to date – a teaching method which has a long tradition, but in recent years has become an increasingly popular concept at many universities. The purpose of the exhibition is therefore to inform the general public about the social impact and longterm significance of this teaching method.

Curator | Vera Simone Bader
Exhibition architecture | Labor Fou
Sponsor | Sto-Stiftung, Pin. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne, Arte Generali


Publikation 2020 Experience in Action. DesignBuild in Architecture by Vera Simone Bader and Andres Lepik

Edition Detail

DesignBuild is a method of instruction that students use to design and build actual projects at several architecture schools around the world, often in developing countries, but sometimes on their own doorsteps. With DesignBuild, students gain experience that goes far beyond planning and design. The focus is on temporary buildings and long-term projects, experimental approaches and interventions into infrastructures. With respect to the main aspects of research - dialogue - design - build, research contexts and processes of individual projects come under discussion. Constructive aspects and social exchange are also important. The book provides a critical overview of the most exciting DesignBuild projects worldwide.

Editor Vera Simone Bader and Andres Lepik
ISBN number | 978-3955535148
Price | 34,90 €

Learning from Failure - Call for Papers

Deadline 1 June 2018

The Design-Build Exchange (dbX) will be launching its North American portal soon. We are seeking short papers for the second of a peer-reviewed series concentrating on parameters for success in design-build education. For this session, we are collaborating with the DesignBuild Xchange (EU) platform, part of the network Design for the Common Good.

Accepted papers will be presented online in a virtual conference format on Saturday, 8 September 2018. Instructors, students, and administrators from across North America and Europe are invited to tune in online to view and discuss presentations.

Read more here

Abstracts must be submitted through the ACSA online interface. Follow the steps below to begin your submission. The web interface will guide you though the steps to complete your submission.

  • Go to:


  • Login with your ACSA username and password.



aae conference 2017: architecture connects

International peer reviewed conference of the association of architectural educators

6-9 September 2017

Oxford Brookes School of Architecture, Oxford. UK.



Center for Visual Art presents: Design for the Common Good International Exhibition January 14 – March 19, 2022

The exhibition highlights projects designed collaboratively with communities to create opportunity and solutions from within. The resulting exchange of ideas in this exhibition provides compelling evidence that designers and stakeholders work best together when sharing local resources and knowledge that aim to improve quality of life for people worldwide.

SAFE THE DATE Exhibition Events

Mar 19 2022 Online Conversations #2 ; TIME 4:00pm - 18:00pm  GMT

On March 19th, a selection of six project teams and communities from the exhibition will reflect in a dialogue between DCG networks, open to all. The Conversations will focus on understanding the stories of community design projects and held online to support team members and communities around the world.

The March 19th Conversations will be held 4:00–8:00pm GMT (12–4pm EST) and feature keynote speaker Nabeel Hamdi.

Register here on Zoom Webinar

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DCG exhibition shortlist

The jury decided about the shortlist for the DESIGN FOR THE COMMON GOOD – INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION


Eleven out of 23 projects were selected for step two:

Columbus House, Inc https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1662
Auraria Bike Pavilions  https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1698
Tarkeeb Gatehouse & Garden https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1700
bilding https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1219
Internat Bella Vista https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1681
INFOZENTRALE auf dem Vollgut https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1543
Ecole Primaire Santiguyah, Guinea https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1688
Studio Chamanga - Research Design Build https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1531
OBEN AUF / Bed and Breakfast Caritas Unternalb  https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/909
Pavillon 333 https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1706
Training center for special education (USAER XXXIV) https://www.dbxchange.eu/node/1054

(in order of submissiondate)

We concgratulate the winner!


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Support the petition with your vote!!!


There is an appeal associated with the present documentation from DesignBuild Studio Quiane II. The project in Santa Catarina Quiané is the last in a series of studios at the Hochschule München (University of applied Sciences Munich). With the petition "Macht mehr DesignBuild" we would like to approach the colleges and universities to point out the importance of DesignBuild in teaching future architects and civil engineers.



You can find more information about the project and about DesignBuild on our website: www.designbuildmexico.de

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NEW - Starting in February 2020 POSTGRADUATE DEGREE | BASEhabitat

Join the new POSTGRADUATE DEGREE | BASEhabitat – Become a builder of change
2nd Call: Sept 30 – Nov 08, 2019

The built environment has an enormous role in the way we live together in this world. Today´s construction activities are extremely resource-intensive and harmful to the environment and our climate.

BASEhabitat invites built environment professionals to develop radically new ideas for dealing with today’s global challenges.




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