Interactive Knowledge Production Solano Trindade, Brazil

In the self-organized occupation Solano Trindade in Duque de Caxias we worked together with the families living there, actors of the national social movement MNLM, with students and scientists of the State University Rio de Janeiros as well as the German students of the TU Berlin and BTU Cottbus for a few days during the two-week summer school on existing systemic problem solutions, exchanged ideas and implemented our own micro-interventions. Overall, it was an intensive process of listening, learning and experiencing, gaining trust and exchanging ideas, which was linked to the existing cooperation experiences of Prof. Luciana Andrade and her team as well as the MUDA initiative in Solano Trindade and with the residents and allowed us to experience and help shape unique moments of a life-worldly academic knowledge production. Four German-Brazilian scenarios for the stimulation of systemic and socio-spatial processes have emerged from the Summer School, for which the interventions implemented on site have set an impulse.

Images and Plans

Technical Description

An evaporation tank for water purification was built. It consists of earth, stones, car tires and banana trees. 
A playground with old tires and a swing were also built for the children.


Project Context
Project Type
Housing | Environmental Protection | Sports / Play / Recreation
Construction Methods/Techniques