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CoCoon - contextual construction

CoCoon - contextual construction
et al. TU Berlin, Hochschule München

CoCoon-Studio GbR
Schustehrusstraße 3
D-10585 Berlin Berlin
Academic Organisation
established 2004


CoCoon is a sector for contextual planning, design and construction in an intercultural and interdisciplinary context. It combines teaching, research, practice and networking. CoCoon promotes sustainability and social engagement in the production of living environments. CoCoon is dedicated to the designbuild-methodology, fostering academy to dedicate knowledge as service for the community. CoCoon is associated with university departments as well as non-academic organisations and experts. CoCoon emerged in April 2005 from the „Studienreformprojekt Foreign Affairs" and the Designbuild projects "Students Building in Mexico/ Ecuador" / "Students Building in Kabul", based at the TU Berlin.

The active members of CoCoon are: Nina Pawlicki, Simon Colwill and Ursula Hartig.

They research and teach at different universities with an emphasis on DesignBuild projects.


Malaab el Kobri - Cairo

Egypt, Cairo
by: Nile Island Initiative (Nil) - GUC and baladilab


academic facts

Architecture, Landscape Architecture
BA, 5th Semster Achitecture, Landscape ArchitectureMA/ MSc: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Civil Engineering

Team Members

Registered Members
Ursula Hartig (Architect I Researcher I Lecturer)Founder
Simon Colwill (Landscape Architect I Researcher I Lecturer)Co-founder
Nina Pawlicki (Architect I Researcher I Lecturer)Co-founder
Florian Träger (IT Student)Tutor
Former Members
Frank Hassenewert (Architect) Teacher, project director
Karina Flores (Arquitect) Assistant Student
Valentina Rojas Loa (Curator) Member

Organisation Network

Internal Network
TEK Tragwerksentwurf und -Konstruktion Teaching, Civil EngineeringKlaus Rückert
Landschaftsbau-Objektbau Teaching, Landscape Architecture
University of Applied Sciences, Munich Teaching, EngineeringJörg Jungwirth
External Network
C.A.M.P.O ImplementationCesar Lopez
Organisation Focus

Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union: EDBKN Network

Sto-Foundation: Project support

German Academic Exchange Service: Students travel support German Academic Exchange Service: Students travel support German Academic Exchange Service: Students travel support

Festool, in-kind sponsoring

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